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Saturday, October 09, 2004

"This week are I mostly being rich"

Money. God bless the sweet sweet series of numbers which bring happiness to so many people. I got paid a while back - been a long time I know. And during that time I was most happy. At least on the outside. Inside I was filled with hate and rage and coldness.

I've managed to spend most of the cash and am down to my last £180 - at least until the 28th. Now I need to save up for insurance and cars etc. Unfortunately my measly wages won't cover the cost of buying, insuring and running a BMW 320d (cries). Maybe one day.

Can't think of a teaser this week unfortunately. So instead I'm going to head down the creativity route. Write a limmerick - the one that makes me chuckle the most wins.

Good luck.


Blogger Jim said...

There was a man from Ghent
Who had a penis so long it bent
It was so much trouble
That he kept it double
And instead of coming he went.

Jim x

10 October 2004 at 18:36

Blogger Zoe said...

There was a girl called Zoe
Who weighed of little mass
She knows this aint a limerick
But doesnt care so kiss my ... la la la

12 October 2004 at 20:34

Blogger Ben said...

I was gonna write a limerick and then stop halfway before wearing at you. Then I remember the idea was sort of in a crubs episode once.

"One time in 1963 I don't like...." *Walks off* Gotta love kelso.

18 October 2004 at 16:21

Blogger Zoe said...

Naaah, you gotta love Turk. Hes the man!
As is Todd! lolol How cool would it be to be a surgeon!??!

23 October 2004 at 21:26

Blogger Mike said...

There was a young man called Rowell,
With an aubergine stuffed in his bowell,
This caused him distress,
And resulted in mess,
And a patch on his carpet most foul.

31 October 2004 at 20:18

Blogger Zoe said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

17 November 2004 at 19:38

Blogger Zoe said...

We wrote limericks in days of yore
Well "limericks" I guess thats for sure
Even though we'v all tried
Trowell still hasnt replied
I guess this means that we need to get out more....

(Or Trowell needs to reply lol)

17 November 2004 at 19:38


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